Mestozi, a rapper/guitarist from the midwest, makes music influenced in anti-imperialist traditions of folk and hip hop, and humbly raps over a live construction of loops and samples from an MPC while picking jazz and bluesy folk guitar breaks.

In 2018 he released a series of 3 EPs titled “science fiction, like a book of matches, or a soup spoon”. Stylistically the music was lo-fi and sparse on drums, while pointed lyrics touching on mixed-racial identity, class exploitation and passive American brutality weaved through his guitar riffs.

Mestozi released his first album, PEAK COMMUNICATION in 2019.

“… he’s building gorgeous sad beats; veering between downtempo observational hip hop, off-kilter alt-folk and glitchy, droll, minimal psychedelia. Jazz, even.” - The Quietus

“… an MPC warrior in the vein of the classics of a vigorous abstract hip-hop, and with the heated audio clippings-scraps, he generates a precise verse, bandaged with elastic roll and glass…” - Grotesqualizer

“Fans of Dilla, cLOUDDEAD and Blockhead will appreciate what Mestozi does… and how it pushes notions of what can be done in hip-hop ever so slightly.” - Queen City Sounds & Art