Mestozi, a rapper/guitarist from the midwest, makes music influenced in anti-imperialist traditions of folk and hip hop, and humbly raps over a live construction of loops and samples from an MPC while picking jazz and bluesy folk guitar breaks.

In 2018 he released a series of 3 EPs titled “science fiction, like a book of matches, or a soup spoon”. Stylistically the music was lo-fi and sparse on drums, while pointed lyrics touching on mixed-racial identity, class exploitation and passive American brutality weaved through his guitar riffs.

Mestozi released his first album, PEAK COMMUNICATION in 2019.

“… an MPC warrior in the vein of the classics of a vigorous abstract hip-hop, and with the heated audio clippings-scraps, he generates a precise verse, bandaged with elastic roll and glass…” - Grotesqualizer

“Fans of Dilla, cLOUDDEAD and Blockhead will appreciate what Mestozi does… and how it pushes notions of what can be done in hip-hop ever so slightly.” - Queen City Sounds & Art